13 thoughts on “PL/SQL Best Practices with Steven Feuerstein”

  1. Yes, it is. But needs lot of efforts in order to create custom solution using PL/SQL. Instead, there is other way nowadays to get scalability of Oracle Database. Like usage of Java classes(So your business logic with scalability will be in it) and encapsulate that java class through PL/SQL.

  2. I enjoyed my hour watching the video. Although I hardly could see anything when the software windows were shown, due to the low resolution youtube video. Otherwise most of the advises are relevant to any software development the speaker put those advises to good use when developing code to be run by a database server.

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  4. WOW over 1000 view and no comments.
    I ain’t going to watch it but at least I commented!
    I now know the software guys at work are normal for software guys.

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