Should I use Java EE or switch to Ruby on Rails?

I’m interested in getting a small web application started fairly quickly. This web app might change quickly or need to scale up.

At the same time, my day job requires I learn Java EE. I am already experienced with Java SE. So it seems natural to use Java EE both at work and in my web project, except I’m concerned about getting this done quickly (in a couple months).

Should I learn Ruby on Rails to start my project, or use Java EE? It seems RoR would be quicker, except learning RoR and Java EE at the same time might be a bad idea.

So, should I learn RoR just for my web app, even though I’ll already be learning Java EE at my day job, or might I be more effective focusing on Java EE technology for both?

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2 thoughts on “Should I use Java EE or switch to Ruby on Rails?”

  1. It does not make any sense to try to learn to conflicting programs. You will alway be second guessing which one is right.

  2. Do you plan to have your website hosted and available on the web? If you do then I would advise against JaveEE as you’ll find it harder to find a web server host and if you do it’ll probably cost a lot more. I find that only the bigger companies use JaveEE because they can afford to, when hosting on the web is required.

    Even with RoR, once again if you want to have it hosted and available on the internet, you’ll need to find someone who supports it. For me RoR is too much of a niche fad language and not worth the costs involved in learning it or building a website in, not that I know that much about it 🙂

    Stick with the old favourites of PHP and MySQL. Yeah, yeah not so glamourous maybe, but a lot safer. I’m from a Java background but I wouldn’t dream of building a personal website in Java/EE (even though I’ve used it numerous times for work projects). Nothing really wrong with it apart from the cost and support of trying to have it hosted on the web.

    If it’s just a personal project for your own use at home then do as you please. Doing it in JaveEE will obviously be beneficial to your work.

    If you intend to build your own commercial website then you have to weigh up the extra costs and complications involved in requiring Java hosting.

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