Simple Objective-C/Cocoa Xcode Tutorial

For more videos like this, visit This tutorial outlines the basics necessary for using Objective-C and the Cocoa Frameworks alongside Xcode and Interface Builder to create powerful Mac OS X applications.

25 thoughts on “Simple Objective-C/Cocoa Xcode Tutorial”

  1. I’m totally lost.
    I tried to follow this on both my Leopard machine and my Snow Leopard machine, but the new interface looks nothing like the one in your tutorial.

    I guess I need to refine my search.

  2. When I open xcode and make a new program i do not have a .nib file, all i need to know is how to do simple programming like inputting variables with scanf, and printing them with printf, but i can’t get what I’ve programmed to ever open a window showing me the result of my code any help would be much appreciated

  3. @0121ryanh117 I got a few thumbs down for the word Hackintosh, im sure of it.

    Well, the point still stands, XCode wont run on Intel based hardware, thats a fact which is kinda frustrating…..

  4. Have you ever programmed with Cocoa? Because I’ve talked to a lot of Windows developers who transitioned to Mac and every one of them says it’s not even a fair comparison; Mac is better.

  5. hey stupid, in Windows programming you need to spread dll:s and shit all over the place like a complete retard compensating for a bad centralized os which is a fucking joke instead of getting down to the core programming issues.

  6. Its not that I am an Idiot but struggle to see how jumping from one window to the next to write a simple beep program is called easy.

    Usability is missing here,

    In Visual studio you drag a button onto the GUI and write one word of code. “Beeb”

    No wonder everyone hates the iPad.

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