1. I’m totally lost.
    I tried to follow this on both my Leopard machine and my Snow Leopard machine, but the new interface looks nothing like the one in your tutorial.

    I guess I need to refine my search.

  2. This is quite good, but I’m assuming the menus on Xcode and Interface builder have changed with XCode 3.0 in Leopard. My menus look quite different.

  3. When I open xcode and make a new program i do not have a .nib file, all i need to know is how to do simple programming like inputting variables with scanf, and printing them with printf, but i can’t get what I’ve programmed to ever open a window showing me the result of my code any help would be much appreciated

  4. @0121ryanh117 I got a few thumbs down for the word Hackintosh, im sure of it.

    Well, the point still stands, XCode wont run on Intel based hardware, thats a fact which is kinda frustrating…..

  5. Have you ever programmed with Cocoa? Because I’ve talked to a lot of Windows developers who transitioned to Mac and every one of them says it’s not even a fair comparison; Mac is better.

  6. XCode wont run on my Hackintosh because It is intel based, who cares though, cant beat windows for programming. has everything you could ever want

  7. hey stupid, in Windows programming you need to spread dll:s and shit all over the place like a complete retard compensating for a bad centralized os which is a fucking joke instead of getting down to the core programming issues.

  8. Its not that I am an Idiot but struggle to see how jumping from one window to the next to write a simple beep program is called easy.

    Usability is missing here,

    In Visual studio you drag a button onto the GUI and write one word of code. “Beeb”

    No wonder everyone hates the iPad.

  9. You have to be joking, Is this how you develop apps for an Apple. What a total disaster.

    Windows is not that complicated. I thought apples where easy.

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