strange problem after installing Java EE 5?

I just finished installing Java EE 5 update 7 with JDK SE.
but WHY there isn’t any item named “Java EE 5 SDK” in my start menu?

I try to install it on another computer, and “Java EE 5 SDK” item is in the start menu of that computer.

then I reinstall it on my computer, I still cannot find “Java EE 5 SDK” item in startmenu.,, why?

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  1. Maybe u mean NetBeans IDE. I mean, I never had a JDK Start, even when I was on Windows. Do this…
    Open a terminal, type
    java -version

    If you want an IDE, go back and download the NetBeans IDE, then, you’ll have a desktop icon and a start MenuItem

    happy coding

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