T-SQL: How do I find the greatest values in a column?

How can write a SELECT statement that finds the n greatest values in a column? From what i’ve read, the TOP statement only returns the first n rows, it doesn’t take any regard to the values. For example, if a have a column with ages, i want to be able to find the 5 oldest people.


  1. You can use the ORDER BY directive to sort by columns then use TOP to grab what you need. Don’t forget that you can also sort ascending or descending.

  2. if you’ve got an age column you can find the 5 oldest by sorting so that high ages come first and then grabbing just the first 5 records

    select top 5 * from People
    order by Age desc


    or if you’ve got a date of birth column, you can sort that so that the earliest date comes first and grab the first 5 records from there

    select top 5 * from People
    order by DateOfBirth asc

  3. This is simple

    to find top 5 people who are oldest

    1. Order you select clause here it will be in ascending order b y Date Of birth and the older the date the older the person.

    2. select top 5 from the records set

    Table Structure: Table Name t_People

    Date_Of _Birth


    Select Top 5 Name
    From t_People
    Order by Date_Of _Birth Asc

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