VB 6.0 Make a shutdown, restart, logout program

A quick tutorial on how to make a program that can log you out, restart your computer and shut it down, you can use this as a system control thing, or you can make a prank out of this so that it will shut your friends computers down or whatever. Sorry that there is no sound, my mic broke ages ago and I’ve been meaning to get a new one. Remember this NEEDS Visual Basic 6.0 but I tried this on .NET and it worked also.


  1. A short reminder to all fellow programmers, the newer version of Visual Basic, the classname of the thing is not called frame anymore, instead, its called group box. Vote up so whoever watches this video will know the frame thing is wrong.

  2. Dude, these commands (shutdown -s/ -l/ -r), won’t work on operating system other than XP, so what about win98/ 2000 or any older then XP?

  3. @thatstek this dont work ((Your text size box name). FontSize = (Your Font size text box). Text) iin visual 2010 can you help me. . ???plz

  4. You need : 1 Frame, 1 Label, 2 Text boxes and 2 Command ButtonsCode:——————————-Private Sub (your form name)(Your text size box name). FontSize = (Your Font size text box). TextEnd SubPrivate Sub (your clear button name)(the name of your text box). Text = “”End SubPrivate Sub (Your exit button name)EndEnd Sub*Notes*Replace the words in brackets with the name of your object. Eg. Command1I will assume you know your way around VB. PM if you need more help.

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