Visual Tic Tac Toe game

This is readable in HQ, but I don’t know about normal quality. There is no glitch in the GUI, the video just makes it seem like there is because my computer is slow. This is a very simple tic tac toe; I only spent about 2-3 hours making this (did it in one night). Posted by toufuge.


  1. can i have the code plz! i would really like it if you did i kinda need it thanks a lot all you have to do is pm the code to me and i would be much appreciative

  2. That’s awesome. I was like thinking if the button had a value you disabled it from clicking but it didnt look disabled(the color would be more grayish)

  3. The game is impossible to win because the computer is not programmed to make mistakes. The best one could do is get a cat’s game. Obviously we lost a few times just so you could see what would happen.

  4. To add music if you use vista/XP then you should have movie maker where you drag the video into the editor thing and then drag a mp3/wma/ whatever else it plays and boom you have music with your video

    with a mac there is another program that you use but you do the same thing as far as I know

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