Visual Basic.NET

Visual Basic.Net which is shortly known as VB.NET

.NET is an Object Oriented programming language which could be examined as a progression of Microsoft’s Visual Basic implemented the Microsoft .NET framework. The .NET prologue was contentious as major modifications were made that ruined the backward compatibility in Visual Basic and it resulted a aperture inside the developer community. The most noticeable thing of Visual Basic.NET developers makes use of Visual Studio.NET as their IDE that is Integrated Development Environment.

Visual Basic.NET is the next invention of Visual Basic. It is designed to act as a simple, uncomplicated and major productive tool in order to generate a .NET application which comprises Web applications, Web Services and Windows application. Visual Basic.NET permits elective usage of latest language characteristics. There are quite a large number of predefined concepts that makes Visual Basic stronger and powerful, they are Inheritance, Exception Handling, Method Overloading and Threads. VB.NET completely incorporates with the .NET Framework and the CLR that is the Common Language Runtime, which mutually affords language interoperability, improved security, superior versioning support and easy operation.

With the help of the tool box available in VB.NET a person can drag the objects and make it place into the forms. As soon as placing the objects the developers can change the default property of each object controls and they can indicate the property and their behavior for every object controls. The objects will respond according to the property set up by the developer. There are quite a good number of features that are available in Visual Basic.NET and they are given here as follows.

The same object can be used frequently by use of the with keyword.

It has named indexers are properties that basically get arguments.

Imperative event wiring and is accessible in VB.NET and the Handle keyword lets declarative wiring of events to functions.

Visual Basic.NET electively overlooks the ByRef/Ref performance for passing arguments.

Optional parameter in VB.NET is valuable and helpful while making use of the COM automation.

Visual Basic.NET gives a good prop up to syntactic shortcuts. This is only because of the language bequest support. There are quite a number of tools and web controls that are not available in Visual Basic but which are present in Visual Basic.NET and the tools are panel, placeholder, calendar, validation controls, Xml etc., these are the controls additionally available in VB.NET.

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