What are some software development roles in the financial industry?

I enjoy creating software and I’m also interested in the financial industry. I know software development is a wide field (anything from missile guidance to Nintendo Wii games). Please describe some which involve finance. Thanks.

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  1. I’m not sure what you are asking. A software developer is a role and the financial industry is an application where a software developer can apply his/her skills. A software developer working for manufacturing industry is still a software developer. Change of environment doesn’t change his/her role as a developer.

    If you are asking what kind of work can a software developer do in the financial industry, then the answer is lots.

    A developer could be developing front end software systems like ATM, asset trading, enrollments etc as well as continue maintenance to make sure software systems are in compliance with current regulations.

    A developer could work on system integration. For example, when Bank of America and MBNA merged someone has to go make sure their systems work with one another. And every institution has to make sure that their system could work with data received from checks clearing house and federal reserve.

    A developer could also work with backend data analysis – economics and statistical reports. Developing automated system to detect potential fraud and other criminal acts for example.

    A developer could also work on implementation and integration of packaged solution like ERP, CRM etc.

    Best wishes.

  2. A simple answer to your question could be “IT Analysts” who bridge the gap between the “business” and the “developer”. In this case, the IT Analyst has to have sufficient knowledge about the business so as to be able to tranlste the business need into tech specs and have an idea what the programmer is doing vs what he/she is supposed to do to comply with the specs.

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