What career can I make with C, C++, perl and a good learning power in computers?

I am graduate student in chemistry but want to change career to computer field. I am planning to learn languages such as C, C++, Perl and I am so good in learning computer technologies and pretty fast in that. Can anyone suggest me how to go ahead and what kind of jobs will I get once I know them?

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  1. It depends on where you are located. In Oklahoma (U.S.) there is not as much demand for a C++ programmer as there is for C# (using .NET). Unfortunately because you don’t have experience you will want to look for an entry level programming job – like one that says “3 years experience OR college degree.” Even when the listing states that they want a CS or MIS degree you should apply and explicitly state your affinity for computer programming and ability to learn new programming languages very quickly.

    The salary for a programmer is also going to vary widely depending on your location – here in Oklahoma entry level jobs start at about $35k/year.

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