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There are hundreds, if not thousands, of high tech computer jobs open for those with Oracle expertise. The highly reputable and popular Oracle products are used by firms in every part of the globe. As a result, experts who can walk in the door ready to start work on Oracle and keep the applications running efficiently are in great demand.

Knowing what employers are looking for when they seek to hire for high tech Oracle computer jobs helps students or would-be students and job candidates prepare their skills. So, let’s take a look at a few of these Oracle jobs available now.

In Phoenix Arizona, for example, we found 58 Oracle related high tech computer job openings. Positions included Windows Administrator II and III, business analyst and Oracle developer, database management senior specialist for Oracle 10g, Oracle DBA and senior Oracle DBA, business applications analyst, clinical applications support, Cerner PathNet support analyst, Oracle / Java developer, and database manager, among many others.

The high tech Windows administrator computer jobs were both senior level position in a OneNeck Windows administration group. Requirements were ability to administrate a medium to large environment of Windows server without supervision. The primary focus of these positions was work on projects directed by the firm’s customer management team.

The employer seeking the business analyst and Oracle developer wants someone with high tech computer knowledge whose job skills include writing functional specifications, analysis of programming activities and excellent team and communication capabilities. The candidate for this Oracle job should have a strong technical background including business analysis. Development of Crystal reports experience is a plus as well. This employer specifies that the firm does not seek DBAs.

A senior level data base management position including 10g RAC specialization requires two years of Oracle 9g RAC experience and five years of Oracle DBA. This is not a full time permanent position, but rather a contract position for one month, with responsibility for decision making critical to the database architecture, as well as the control and deployment processes to implement and maintain 10G databases using RAC.

Oracle DBA jobs at the senior level are abundant, full time and contract. One, a six-month contract position that might be extended to as long as one year, is a three-day week job. The work will be at two locations fifty miles apart, working with data services of the firm’s clients.

A more entry-level Oracle DBA computer job is as part of a high tech team environment that supports engineering and MIS groups within the firm. This employee will focus her or his efforts on product and service support both internal and external. The specific functions of this high tech Oracle computer jobs include maintaining the database as well as its applications. Requirements include technical expertise and user interface capabilities. User support will be a part of the job tasks too. Knowledge to qualify for this Oracle job include Oracle database in a Sun environment. At least two years experience with Oracle DBA is a must.

Additionally, this employer is looking for someone with excellent communication skills, autonomy, top-notch phone skills and vendor troubleshooting capability.

To land the advertised Oracle applications business analyst position, the candidate would need experience with Oracle applications and Order management.

For the highly specialized clinical applications support job in the medical field, the candidate would need to be an registered nurse who also has clinical application support training as well as Cerner clinical applications help desk proficiency.

A global provider of business solutions and information technology is seeking a Cerner PathNet support analyst to support the clinical departments’ business needs for project execution and enhancement. Application support and maintenance is the primary job task. Problem resolution will include system functions, operations, reporting, input and output, and general operations. This analyst will install patches, install vendor fixes to problems, create ad hoc reports and extraction of data and on call troubleshooting and system support.

The person who lands this high tech Oracle computer job will have knowledge of service operations in an acute care environment, experience in clinical applications support, as well as Cerner Classic PathNet and hospital acute care experience.

Familiarity with Cerner Millennium Lab application, Oracle database tools and VMS or AIX operating systems are plusses. Strong problem solving and analytical skills as well as effective communication skills both written and verbal are required.

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