2 thoughts on “What is business objects all about?”

  1. Business Objects is a reporting tool, that is used to interrogate data sources and present the data as nicely formatted reports.

    It can be used in many different environements and industries, depending on how you want to use it?.

    There are various modules within Business Objects. These are

    Supervisor – Used to create and maintain user accounts. You use the Supervisor module to give access to data sources and Business Objects functionality.

    Designer – Used to design Business Objects Universes, which act as a translation layer between a database and the reporting tool, thus removing much of the complexity of report population from the user.

    Infoview/Reporter – Used to view, refresh and create reports.

    Web Intelligence – also used to view, refresh and create reports. This is a web based application and is run using a browser.

    Broadcast Agent (Formerly Document Agent Server in V4.x) – This is used to schedule and distribute reports remotely. You can schedule reports to run periodically or on an ad-hoc basis.

  2. Business Objects is the company name for the people who make the Crystal Reports reporting tool (they changed the name a year or so back I think).

    Crystal Reports, in one guise or another, is still supplied with some versions of MS Visual Studio.

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