What is the closest and best Windows programming language to use that is closest to iPhone development?

I am interested in learning how to program for the iPhone. What would be the Windows language that most closely resembles the iPhone programming language. I would like to write for both Windows machines and iPhones without having to re-learn an entire programming language.


  1. You can download the iPhone SDK from Apple. That will allow you to program for iPhone.

    I’m not much of a programmer, so I can’t say what is closest, but once you know one language, a lot of it will translate to any other language… just a matter of learning the syntax.

  2. There really ins’t anything that will let you do both.

    iPhone app programing uses a specialized version of C nicknamed CoCo, which is similar to C++ in that it’s an object oriented language, but it’s a different off-shoot of C, so C++ rules doens’t always apply.

    It’s used a lot in Mac programming, but not as much in Widnows.

    C will be the closest for most of your logic to be shared between the two, but there’s enough difference between coding the UI ends to both OSs that they really cannot be shared.

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