Advantages of Application Servers in Web and Software Development

An application server is a server that hosts an application program to provide business logic for third-party application program. An application server combining or working with a web server is called a web application server in many usages. A web application server can be a flexible web application development and deployment tool.

The application server is frequently observed as a part of a three tier application, which comprises of a GUI (graphical user interface) server, business logic or application server and a database server. In a more descriptive way it can be viewed as:

  • Front end or first tier (personal computer)
  • A middle tier (an intranet server or LAN)
  • Third tier or back-end (database server)

Advantages of Application Servers in the Web and Software Development Scenario

In the web & software development scenario, an application server offers various advantages including:

Modifying the application configuration can be done centrally, for example moving system settings or database servers. Guaranteed updates and upgrades for users by centralizing business logic on server machines A web and software development firm saves cost in developing business applications with the help of the above benefits.

Advantages of Web Application Servers

Generally, application server serving web applications provide a secure and robust environment for web application development experts. With an XML based scripting language, it offers web developers a familiar interface. Web application servers allow developers easily view and edit code without exiting the authoring environment.

Web application servers boast various components. For example Microsoft’s .Net Framework technology includes several components like ASP.NET and .NET Remoting. There’s another platform called the Zend platform, which has an application called Zend server. It is for running and managing PHP applications.

One of the key web application servers is the Java EE 5 or Java Enterprise Edition application server. Through the Java EE 5 server ensures development of affordable web applications quickly and easily. An affordable web development India takes the advantage of Java EE 5 to develop and deploy enterprise applications.

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